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Stunning views on Labilliardiere Walk

Bruny Island is made up of a North and South Island which are separated by a narrow isthmus called "The Neck". Access to the island is by vehicular ferry departing from Kettering. The trip takes 15 minutes and arrives at Roberts Point on North Bruny. The island has a population of around 620 and is deceptively large - being about 100 kilometres in length.

North Bruny Island

North Bruny is drier than the south and is mostly comprised of open pastures and light bushland. It is home to the townships of Dennes Point and Great Bay. The Mirambeena Ferry departs from Roberts Point which is on North Bruny.

The Neck

The narrow isthmus joining the two parts of the island is called "The Neck". This is home to the Truganini Lookout - a timber stepped boardwalk that takes you to some of the most spectacular 360° panoramic views of the Bruny Island coastline.

South Bruny Island

In contrast to the north, South Bruny is hilly, heavily timbered and includes large rainforest areas. It is home to the South Bruny National Park and large areas of State Forest Reserve. The townships of Adventure Bay, Alonnah and Lunawanna are also located on South Bruny. A number of tourist attractions are also located here, including the famous Cape Bruny Lighthouse.