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Labilliardiere Estate
1000 Lighthouse Road
South Bruny Tasmania 7150 

Phone: 0417 359 715



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Labillardiere Estate and solar powered 'Chez Discovery 'house of discovery' is not just a place to stay, it's a retreat. Whirlwind paces drop to zephyr breezes, take a deep breath and relax into unrivalled privacy for which the property is known. The vast estate abounds with magical views at every turn, across Great Taylor's Bay to mountain ranges of southern Tasmania, has flora, fauna, birds galore, long walking tracks, private beaches, wetlands, art, folly and a 'quiet' that most folk forget exists. Jump on an 'aquila' Sealegs adventure with us if you feel like a boat trip, we'll pick you up at the front door. 'Chez Discovery' is your base, you'll want for nothing, it's all here on Labillardiere Estate. Want to fall into a heap, stretch out with a good book, listen to your music and sip your favorite thirst quencher? Go on, take that well deserved break, be surprised and discover art, discover nature and discover self!