Bruny Island is a place to explore slowly. To discover with curiosity. Breathe in its wild air and prepare to be blown away! Some of its greatest gems only reveal to those willing to pause.

Bruny is like a microcosm of Tasmania – that means there’s plenty to see and do all packed into an even smaller island. The beauty of Bruny is its ability to shift with your desires. Want to explore as a foodie? Plump oysters, handcrafted cheese and the country’s southern-most vineyard await. Want to hit the trails? Bruny has some of the most spectacular walking destinations from rugged Fluted Capes to windswept Cloudy Bay Beach. Got half a day? Spend it on an unforgettable Pennicott boat cruise.

Coming for the wildlife? Bird watchers come from as far as the migrating birds to see Bruny’s 12 endemic species. There are rare albino wallabies on Bruny and Little penguins that dive 30 metres deep with tiny wings. It’s these locals that require us all to slow our pace – a gift.

Discover the work of internationally-renowned artists, find your own sheltered bay to picnic and head south where historic Cape Bruny Lighthouse stands tall. Sure, you can tick off all the tourist hot spots but we recommend shifting back a gear, staying a while and getting to know Bruny the local’s way.