Pretty much all the water we use on Bruny comes from the sky. That means it’s a precious resource. Most of the fresh water is captured in tanks, straight from the clouds. There are no public dams, weirs or holding tanks. There is a single bore, but as you can imagine if things get dry, often water needs to be brought in.

Like the natural surrounds, our water is prized. So, when you’re having that glorious rainwater shower, just keep this in mind.


It’s pretty straight forward. Put your rubbish in the bin. We love Bruny and we especially love it pristine. There are dump points for caravans and campers, plus plenty of rubbish bins and recycling points. Even better, anything you brought over with you, take away.

We all know how plastics can end up in the ocean and littering our beaches. No one enjoys happening across wipes on a bush track or trash on our coastlines. We can all do our part. While you’re there, you might even like to adopt ‘three for the sea.’ It’s a nice little concept where you pick up three things that shouldn’t be there. Bruny will thank you.