Where is Bruny Island?
Bruny Island located off the south-eastern coast of Tasmania, Australia. The island is separated from the Tasmanian mainland by the D’Entrecasteaux Channel.

How do I get to Bruny Island
Access to Bruny Island is via vehicular ferry, The ferry is run by SeaLink Bruny Island. For more information about the SeaLink Ferry Service, please go to the SeaLink Website.

Where do I catch the ferry from?
The Bruny Island Ferry leaves from Kettering Ferry Terminal, which is 1 hour drive south of Hobart, without busy traffic.

How much does the ferry cost?
Please go to the SeaLink Website for current pricing.

How big is Bruny Island?
Bruny Island is a 362-square-kilometre (89,000-acre) island. Bruny Island has a total length of approximately 50 kilometres (31 miles).

Is there public transportation on Bruny Island?
No, there is no public transport on Bruny Island.

Can I rent a car on Bruny Island?
No, you can not hire a car on Bruny Island. It is recommended that you hire a car from Hobart Airport and drive to the island.

How far is Bruny Island from the airport?
Bruny Island is accessible from Kettering, which is a 1 hr 15min drive from the Hobart Airport.

Which car rental companies allow rental cars on Bruny Island?
Hobart is the best place to hire a car to take to Bruny Island. Make sure that when you hire your vehicle, you let the company know you’re taking it to Bruny Island. Some dealers require written permission to take a car to Bruny, and some do not.
Avis and Budget will allow their vehicles on the ferry in some cases. It is a good idea to check with the individual depot whether they allow ferry-travel, as this can be unique per depot.  Bargain Car Rentals allow travel to Bruny Island.

Whats the weather like on Bruny Island?
Bruny Island has weather patterns very different from mainland Australia. Temperature and conditions can vary greatly from day to day even in summer. Bring layered clothing and good walking shoes. 

Hottest Month – January (17 °C avg)
Coldest Month – July (9 °C avg)
Wettest Month – October (23.7 mm avg)
Windiest Month – December (18 km/h avg)
Annual Rainfall – 196.8 mm (per year)


Can I drink the tap water on Bruny Island?
The drinking water on Bruny Island is mostly from water catchment. Individual properties will advise if the drinking water needs to be boiled. Tasmanian bottled water is available for purchase at the general stores and Roberts point kiosk. 

Where do we go for dinner?
Hotel Bruny is open for Dinner 7 nights per week. Bruny Island Premium Wines is open for dinner Friday and Saturday nights from 1st October – 30 April.

Where do we go for breakfast?
Alonnah store sells a simple selection of takeaway or eat in meals. Adventure Bay store sells pies, tea and coffee. Bruny Island Food Truck also offers breakfast options.