Driving on Bruny is a bit different. Like everything on Bruny! When you roll off the ferry, it’s important to know this. Google may tell you something is only a few kilometres up the road and will take just a few minutes. What the magic tool doesn’t know is that we have wallabies that leap from bushes, roads that turn to gravel and some areas where good old Google can’t lead you at all.

The landscape is epic so sometimes it’s hard not to want to look. Pull over if something captures your gaze. While we’re on that topic of pulling over, keep an eye in the rear-view mirror. If you’re driving slower as an unfamiliar driver (good!) you might be holding up a local trying to reach the ferry. Let them past when you can, and you’ll likely get a friendly wave.

Not everything is different here. For those travelling from distant lands, we do drive on the left!


Bruny is very much a refuge for our wildlife. When you arrive on the island, know that you are coming to their home. Many you won’t see – though they might be keeping an eye on you from the bushes! Be aware that wallabies can dart out onto the road without notice and reducing your speed is the best way to avoid harm. If you can, try not to drive at dawn or dusk as this is when wildlife is often most active.  If you do witness or find injured wildlife please call DPIPWE Wildlife Incidents Hotline on 1300 827 727 or Bonorong Wildlife Rescue on 0447 264 625.

If you’re looking to meet our little penguins or other shorebirds, always keep your distance and know that their nests are often out of sight. Tread lightly. We’re doing all we can to help out wildlife through local conservation projects including protection of swift parrots through building manmade nests.  Make sure to use red light torches for nocturnal viewing. and never use a camera flash as it may damage and scare the wildlife.  Many island businesses provide red cellophane for torches.

Let Bruny cast its calming feels. Shift back a gear and slow down.

At a relaxed pace, Bruny’s hidden stories can surface, and our wildlife near the roads will thank you. There is no need to hurry. Even the echidnas dawdle. When you take your time, you’ll be rewarded with a deeper, richer Bruny.