Bruny is an island off an island off an island. So, it’s okay if you don’t know where to start! Let’s make it super simple by following these steps:

Get yourself to Australia

If you’re coming from overseas, this is the logical first step. Your first island hop! Being an island, you can get to Tassie by sea or air.

Get yourself to Tassie

Being an island, you can get to Tassie by sea or air. There are regular flights out of Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and the Gold Coast that fly direct into Hobart which is the closest airport to Bruny Island. Lots of others bring their car on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry from Melbourne into Devonport. All around four hours to get from Devonport by car to Kettering, where the Bruny ferry departs (315 km).

Get yourself to Bruny

From Hobart, it’s about half an hour by car to Kettering where the ferry takes off for Bruny. It leaves every 20 minutes (except from 12.30pm to 1.20pm) so there’s no real need to time your departure around the ferry. No booking is required, but don’t be surprised if there is a ferry queue during busy periods. Do note, traveling from Kettering at 8am-10am and from Bruny 4pm-5pm are the busiest times, so it can be better (and also cheaper) outside these hours.

For more information visit the SeaLink Bruny Island Ferry website.