Many say that Bruny is best met on foot. There is good reason why. It’s dramatic. This drama can be felt on rugged Fluted Cape, towering 272m above the sea. It can be seen atop the steps of Truganini Lookout, between north and south Bruny. And it can be heard on the East Cloudy Head four-hour walk that tracks by the waves of Cloudy Bay Beach for the first three kilometres.

Walking is a great way to delve into Bruny’s past, too. The one-hour return Alonnah Sheepwash Track follows an old rock-walled carriage way that passes remnants of occupation dating back to the 1850s.

It’s not about being an avid bush walker. There are plenty of sandy wanderings to be had, where easy chatter drifts with the tides. For those who want to lace up and hit the deeper wilderness, do note that mobile reception is limited and preparation is key. This remote island can be wild and unforgiving an hour into a sunny walk. Respect her, tread lightly and enjoy the trails.

Tread Lightly

Walk gently on Bruny.

Perhaps even from your accommodation you will see nocturnal wildlife venturing out. Make every step a conscious one – often just out of sight are shorebirds’ delicate nests, so please be mindful of their accommodation too!