Gentle beach stroll plus rock hopping at half tide or lower. Discover sandstone cliffs naturally weathered into picturesque sculptures.

Nebraska Beach/Bligh Point can be started from signpost at 192 Nebraska Road or car park besides Stiffy’s Creek. The sandstone rock cliffs have interesting patterns and wave-cut platforms. It should only be attempted at half tide or less. The walk becomes increasingly harder as you near Bligh Point.

How to get there: Travel time from Sealink Bruny Island Ferry, Roberts Point – 29 min (21.6km)

Once disembarking Sealink Bruny Island Ferry, head south on Lennon Road for 8.4km. Take the exit to Bruny Island Main Rd to Dennes Point and travel 4.5km. Turn left onto Killora Road. Travel 8.6km until you arrive at Nebraska Beach/Bligh Point.

Long sections of road on Bruny Island are unsealed, but are suitable for 2WD vehicles and bicycles.