Whether you are a beachcomber, swimmer, surfer or fisher, Bruny Island’s pristine beaches, long stretches of rocky coastline and hidden bays have something for you. We’ve put together some local tips on the best spots for fishing, surfing, swimming or a coastal family picnic?

Tell us the best places to cast a fishing line?

There’s some great land fishing across Bruny Island. There are plenty of jetties to drop a line and some great surf fishing, too. Up at Dennes Point in the north there’s a jetty where people catch squid and flathead. It’s nice and safe there, with a nice outlook. In the north, you can also fish off the jetty where the Bruny ferry comes in – although it’s been reconfigured more recently it’s still a popular spot.

Heading south, down around The Neck between north and south Bruny is a good spot for surf fishing at Neck Beach. Head down Lutregala Road to the Neck Reserve Camping Area to cast off the beach. You can often catch salmon, shark or rays off this beach.

Further south again is a jetty at Alonnah where the boats are moored. The jetty is actually made from some of the original pieces of the floating Tasman Bridge – more flathead and squid around these parts. At Adventure Bay is another jetty that’s good for squid and sometimes salmon, too. You’ll find boat ramps and jetties across Bruny that are popular spots for fishing. There’s also good surf fishing down at Cloudy Bay.

Where do the keen surfers head?

The best surfing is at Cloudy Bay in Bruny’s south. That’s where most surfers head. Another popular spot when there’s a good sou’easter (strong winds from the south east) is Coal Point down on the way into Adventure Bay. Some also hit the waves at The Neck near the look out. These are probably the main places on Bruny for catching a good wave.

Best place for a Bruny swim?

Though Neck Beach might look idyllic for a swim, there are strong currents that can be hazardous and rips that aren’t easy to see. Swimming here is best for those who have sound experience in these types of conditions.

Hanssons Beach at Adventure Bay is a pleasant spot for a dip and there’s a great location at the northern end – Quiet Corner. It’s typically nice and calm in this corner and particularly inviting for an early morning swim. There’s also a lagoon nearby where kids and families will often splash in the shallows.

Those keen to walk and swim will find some beautiful beaches along the Labillardiere Peninsula. There are mountain and coastal views here, in Bruny’s south, as well as long stretches of sandy beach and protected, stunning bays.

Where do you recommend for a seaside picnic?

Bruny is great for a picnic – especially one with lots of delicious island produce picked up along the way. Up north there’s a nice little picnic spot at Barnes Bay. It’s a very safe anchorage, so is well protected from the elements. You can even combine it with dropping a line from the jetty at McCracken’s Creek. Also, there are amenities and tables at Dennes Point which is particularly suitable on a warm easterly day because it’s on the island’s western side.

Heading south, at Great Bay near the boat ramp is a picturesque spot to settle in for a picnic and there are tables at Alonnah. If you’re keen for a little walk, head along the Dray Track, leaving from the Alonnah jetty where you’ll find more picnic areas.

Further south on the way to the lighthouse at the mouth of the lagoon there are nice spots to go down onto the beach and enjoy a bite. Really, it doesn’t matter where you go on Bruny, you’ll find a picnic spot that suits the conditions of the day. What’s more, you’ll likely have your picnic patch all to yourself!